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The BLM movement is closely aligned with Critical Race Theory, which is derived from Marxism and Post Modernism. So here we now have a large group of people who are demanding a larger role in industry and finance, who are expecting to get it by intimidation and threats, and who espouse an irrational thought process that will make them totally useless as an employee or an entrepreneur. "I'm right because of who I am, and you can't question it because of who you are." Sorry, but I am not hiring nor working with someone who thinks like that, regardless of their color.
Can you imagine a profit-oriented company wanting people who think their labor is the only thing that adds value to the company, and not the owner's capital, risk, or creativity? There's the rub.
This is what our 50 year experiment in grievance studies has wrought.

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Went to a friend’s birthday party at her unbelievable house last night. Fantastic music, food and atmosphere. @davidjanet even got me to dance. Of course the police showed up and apologized for even having to be there. After a little chaos the party continued. Life finds a way! (Yes, there were fire-wielding belly dancers!)

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About to get a haircut. Think it was time...

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