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June 10, 2020

I don't normally post anything too long....I mean, who reads past a couple of paragraphs anyways! But here I go......

I've been trying to find ways to express my frustration in all this unrest but couldn't find an example to help. I think the death of Mr. Floyd was awful and completely unacceptable. I get the pain. But yet nothing I see coming from it will ever help! All this virtue signalling, protesting, calls for unity......won't change a thing because it's not focused on the root cause.

I think I found a good example, please forgive me if it's sensitive. Take a person suffering from anorexia. The fact is they are not fat but yet they act out, cause family chaos and blame their weight or the way they look (please grant me the over simplification). No sane doctor or family member would ever propose obesity training in support of the anorexic's claims. Fat is not at all the issue for the anorexic and so attacking obesity only exacerbates the problem for the anorexic. ...

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Very interesting take on what is happening in DC....He sound alot like Pompeo to me.

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