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Every generation comes up with an excuse to mistreat people because of the color of their skin. Whether it's calling slavery a "positive good," Jim Crow "seperate, but equal," or the current cries of "institutionalized racism," -- none of this justifies actions that are unfair and immoral at a fundamental level. It is never OK to treat someone badly or even differently due to race: it was wrong in the past, and it is wrong today.

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

In no way do I want to denigrate the memory of RBG, or make light of her passing. That said, this was funny....

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@davidjanet @daverubin. Caroline would like to thank Clyde for the recommendation on the bed. The mornings are getting cooler here in Indiana and this is her favorite spot....

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