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Watching a documentary today about Josef Goebbels the propaganda chief of the nazi.......or more accurately, the National Socialist German Workers Party.

The following are quotes from the show:-

"Universities are no longer places of free and open debate"

"Unacceptable opinions are censored"

"The nazis call their manipulation and propaganda " public enlightenment " ......only in dictatorships do you have ministries of enlightenment; to tell people what they SHOULD be thinking"

"To control what people think, the nazis knew that they also had to control what people hear, read, see and say"

"Differences of opinion were an anathema to the nazi state"

"There is conformity. There can be no diversity of opinion."

" Private businesses that did not conform were targeted or closed down, especially those that were Jewish owned"

"Control of people, control of the media, control of culture were the first necessary steps on the road to dictatorship and the concentration camp"

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