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This epiphany struck me yesterday while I was at work letting my mind wander, thinking about the Cult of the Left and how to fight it. Obviously the idea isn't an original one, it's all throughout Dave's book, and has been preached by JBP and others. This is just my attempt to summarize it the best way I can.

"When you choose to embrace your own role in your own life, and how you make your choices and how those affect you, either positively or negatively, and stop blaming others for how they might be creating outcomes for you, THAT is empowerment. That is the true meaning of 'Being Woke.'"

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When my life changed so dramatically in the 90’s, people used to ask me what I was doing to make the money.

Truth is, it didn’t really matter what I was doing. The important thing was how I was thinking.

You see, as long as you’re thinking properly, you can earn as much money as you really want … whether you’re selling insurance, pet sitting, or cleaning offices.

Of course, that’s not just true about your finances. You can greatly improve any area of your life by adjusting the way you think about it … including your weight.

I mention weight specifically because millions of people are really struggling with this issue. So I was really happy when I heard about a book written by my friend, Crystal Dwyer Hansen, the wife of Mark Victor Hansen.

You see, Crystal is a Life and Wellness Coach who has been changing lives around the world with her “Skinny Life” program. What I love about her approach is it explores the inescapable connection of your mind, ...

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These headlines are twenty minutes apart. 🤪🤪🤪

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From Lou Perez, just kicking off on Locals

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