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For anyone struggling to understand the details of Woke Ideology, I highly recommend James Lindsay's website New Discourses, especially the Encyclopedia.

After reading a few encyclopedia entries, you'll still struggle to understand, but you'll begin to see the complexity. After reading another dozen entries, and re-reading them, and maybe reading them again, you'll begin to see how it all works. If you keep going, you'll be able to look into the ideology as an outsider, but understand it as if from the inside.

You will begin to be able translate woke language into plain English. When you can do that, you can mount a better defense, and help prevent others from falling prey to Critical Social Justice.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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The company's total wealth is rooted in selling death, is now banning people. You really can't make this garbage up anymore. “ Alive With Pleasure “ NOT ⤵️
In 2008, Lorillard Tobacco was entered into a separation agreement with its parent company Loews, and became an independent publicly-traded company. In our new upside-down world Josh Hawley is evil and Newport Cigarettes are good for you and never caused millions of deaths from their non-addictive properties 🤔

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Here’s what makes me happy on a Sunday.

What about you?

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L-O-V-E this!

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