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I have been talking with a friend of mine in the ministry about the new Gospel called Racial Reconciliation. This is the mixing of Critical Race Theory and intersectionality with Christian terms to make it seem like it is in line with Christian ethics. As he put it, he was on the cutting edge of the cutting edge with the movement and has been working within a “mixed race” church for the last several years. It was clear that he was burned out and frustrated when we started talking. His church is in constant discord and is tripping over racial issues all the time, even though it does not look much too different than a normal church. He has even admitted that his friends from other churches have commented on how they all have people of all races, but they all get along. Race is rarely talked about in those other churches, where it is in most conversations at my friend’s church. Funny how that works.
At some point, between my pointing out that CRT creates a super-sin that can not ...

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Went to a friend’s birthday party at her unbelievable house last night. Fantastic music, food and atmosphere. @davidjanet even got me to dance. Of course the police showed up and apologized for even having to be there. After a little chaos the party continued. Life finds a way! (Yes, there were fire-wielding belly dancers!)

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About to get a haircut. Think it was time...

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