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June 12, 2020


Our civility is being used against us. It has been for years now. It started out as just not taking the crazy ramblings of far-Left wingnuts seriously. Then the Overton Window slid. Now, we are constantly being provoked, by the regressive Left, towards actions that would make their lies true. Violence isn't the solution, but discourse is dead.

How do we talk to people that only wants violence?

At some point this is going to go past what words can solve and I fear that day. Not because I'll lose, but because I'll have to carry the burden of knowing the cost of my victory.

I got fed up with this all last year and just stopped talking politics. I am trying now to do my small part to avoid violence. It is impossible - formerly moderate liberals in my life can't handle rational discussion. I've tried asking questions to pull out their hypocrisy. I've tried pelting them with facts to expose their lies. I've tried everything in between that I can think to try, but the ...

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