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For anyone finding themselves unable to get examples of "systemic racism" from others, I found the following can help them see the TYPE of examples we are looking for as evidence of systemic racism.

Suppose I assert that our country has a systematic bias in favor of innocence over guilt built into its social / legal fabric. If asked to provide examples of this supposed "systemic innocent-ism" I could point to things like:

  1. police are required to read Miranda Rights under conditions that favor ensuring innocent people are not unjustly convicted;

  2. accused citizens can receive a court-appointed lawyer to argue their innocence

  3. "innocent until proven guilty" is a phrase known by almost all citizens as being a bedrock principle of our legal system

  4. our Constitution's 5th Amendment goes so far as to potentially protect actually-guilty citizens by erring on the side of protecting innocent citizens

If racism is as systemic as "innocent until proven guilty" then people...

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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