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June 12, 2020

PLEASE ADVISE (Sorry for the length)

Given things that have happened at m company over the past week, I feel compelled to write a letter to my leadership regarding their actions over Floyd, racism, rioting, etc. I have tried to skew certain details for privacy sake, but bare in mind I work for a fortune 100 company and am the manager of the 3rd highest producing office within it. I would really like to know if I am clearly crossing some boundaries here.

Mr. CEO, members of the D & I Counsel, and other company leaders,

I write this email to address both the situation in our country after the death of George Floyd and our company's response to it.

Before proceeding, I want to note a couple of things regarding my choice of words in order to not be misunderstood. I refer to “white” and “black” for purely convenience and stylistic purposes. I am not attempting to be insensitive ...

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