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I will apologize right away for this post since this will be small rant, but for crying out loud Im so done with this leftist the gouvernement knows all and is perfect. But grrrrr if you don’t agree your dumb your blind or not taking care of your child that was born prematurely at 24 weeks because I refuse to vaccinate since there will be no true studies done on how it will react to a 24 week ex premie with lung issues. But no I’m irresponsible and putting her life in danger. This woman had the balls to tell me that I can’t separate medial and political and then continues to tell me the government will fix this all!! Really the only reason I can’t separate the two is because they are one and the same in this country the health care is run by the government!!!! And to make things worst it’s my own mother attacking me. Ugh we need a change a revolution a flashy thingy from Men in black I don’t know but something anything!!!

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Today is my 28th anniversary. my wife is an absolute saint. She stuck with me through sh#@. Addiction and all that comes with it. I believe God rewards a good heart. We have an absolutely incredible life....

Finally! Something Politicans can be useful for!

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