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History is not all good -- much of it is bad, even evil. Therefore, I do not support the removal of Confederate statues. We have to face the dark side of history, as well as the light -- this is the same reason why we need to preserve places like Nazi death camps, to keep alive the memory of just how horrible things can be if we are not vigilant. The last thing we ever want to see is slavery-deniers.

At the same time, Confederate statues occupy places of prominence in our public spaces -- they should be left up, but recontextualized. Let us build rather than destroy: add additional signage, and erect statues next to the Confederate ones of prominent abolitionists, and maybe even more stautes of southern Civil War figures -- those who took a stand, and fought for the union. We need to fundamentally change our approach to historical monuments from that of one-dimensional hero worship, to one of promoting deep reflection and dialog. History makes one thing crystal clear: taking ...

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