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June 13, 2020

What Are You Going To Do When The Mob Comes For You? #IMatterToo We Are All Human!
Not all People of Color (POC) are in agreement with the extreme Marxist views of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) or their Anarchist ally Antifa. POC are not all the same, they have a spectrum of views and should not be taken for granted to support the extreme BLM Marxist Collectivist views against individuality, traditional families, or religion. Not all POC want to see the abolition of the Police or peaceful protests devolving into riots that destroy business owned by POC or that employ and provide services to the poor and POC. These riots are not the same as protesting, these riots are having a very real negative effect on the very POC that live near and depend on their neighborhood infrastructure. The POC and other disadvantaged resident's desires that were initially being voiced in the peaceful protests that have now been hijacked by a selfish and violent few provocateurs that transitioned the peaceful...

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Today is my 28th anniversary. my wife is an absolute saint. She stuck with me through sh#@. Addiction and all that comes with it. I believe God rewards a good heart. We have an absolutely incredible life....

Finally! Something Politicans can be useful for!

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