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Sing Your Heart Out..

I have two main views of opera, one I share with Scotland's national bard, Robert Burns, wherein he said, "Opera, a play, set to music, where a man is stabbed, & instead of dying, sings for ten minutes, and then dies"

The second view is entirely my own, wherein, I see opera as growing most popular in the Age of Reason, when intelligent people were still illiterate, but the spoken word, enlivened and made less soporific, by the addition of, more often, lively music, informed the population of cultural landmarks, philosophical signposts, & political destinations, at the same time as entertaining those 17th & 18th century patrons of the art of opera, the European cultural intelligentsia..

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People often ask me why I never tweet before having coffee. This Golden Girls clip sums it up quite well...

About to go into Costco. See if I can trigger a few lefties.

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Did an interview with Billboard on big tech, the future of podcasting and more...

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