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Tonight’s mood after learning my furlough has been extended:

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Dave is LIVE now with Sebastian Gorka, Sean Spicer, Jack Murphy!

>> It seems the Dems have decided to send $trillions$ (no misspelling) of taxpayer dollars to foreign nations. We're going much further into debt to fund other countries, including state sponsors of terrorism. It sounds completely insane. It is. But it's real.

Can anyone explain this to me?

In our state, the criteria for going to Phase Blue (#2, “Cautious”) is 5% or less positivity rate, 0-75 cases per 100,000, and no more than 2 new COVID hospital admissions per day in the last 14 days (in a specific county). Our state positivity rate is 3.89% (7 day is 4.99%). The 2 week cumulative incidence per 100K people is 447.2 (divided by 14 is 32/day). The 7 day moving average of new hospitalizations is 94 - but that would include all 64 counties (less than 2 on average). And, yet we are nowhere near Phase Blue. We are still in Phase Orange (with the exception of a handful of counties) - which is #4 - “High Risk”.

I do understand that this is determined county by county (at least in our state) - but the state website/numbers are much easier to understand. My point is that we are 2 levels/phases more restrictive than we should be. (Incidentally, Phase Green - #1 - still only has restaurants, gyms etc at 50% capacity.)

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