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I will try to keep this post short. During this uncertain time, it seems like we're all out of options how we can fix the divide between conflicting groups of people, how we can all heal our spirits, minds and bodies, and how we can mend our broken hearts. In the different states of America, lots of buildings are burnt, jobs are closed, and some people's lives are ruined. The question we should all be discussing and answering now is what would be the next phase of our society and how we as a people can see each other again as brothers and sisters, plus how our economy can recuperate from all the damages done by certain groups of people to our country? Can we still go back to our previous way of living? Specially after covid-19 and the riots? I like being positive, so I like to think that maybe these negative events that occurred in America are just preparing us for a greater purpose and calling for humanity. Maybe these bad events happened in America because we are all going in the ...

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