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As @ScottAdamsSays, the Left focuses on Goals/Outcomes, the Right focuses on Systems/Principles):

Later today I'm going to write up details on a point of today's Supreme Court ruling (that "sex discrimination" covers "sexual orientation discrimination" ) that's being missed / ignored by left & right. Here's the gist:

Last week's "Bad Trump" headlines about removing LGBTQ healthcare protections uses THE SAME underlying rationale as today's "Good Trump" SCOUTS ruling: "sex" is biological and legally independent from subjective experience.

When the Left cheers a ruling like today's, they are not realizing this underlying rationale is simply being evenly applied throughout Federal regulations.

Trump's appointee (Gorsuch) could write a masterful majority SCOTUS decision to RIGHTLY protect LGBTQ people, while Trump's Dept. of Health and Human Services used the same underlying principle to seemingly "go against" LGBTQ rights last week (it didn't).

More to come.

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I was going to post a story about another RINO endorsing Biden. But instead, enjoy this sea otter. It makes me happier.

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September 26, 2020

Saturday soundproofing...

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