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June 16, 2020

Here's a topic for contemplation: "Hook on a Feeling," high on believing that I'm a good person, as opposed to "bad" people (like Trump) and anyone else who doesn't see things in a politically "correct" manner.

I often have revelations in the shower. While in the shower this morning, after reading the chapter entitled "Trump Derangement Syndrome" in David Horowitz's new book, "Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win," I was contemplating why so many of my otherwise intelligent friends are so delusional regarding political matters and were displaying TDS symptoms.

And then it dawned on me, TDS is just the outward display of an underlying addiction, people are addicted to feeling good about themselves. They get Hooked on a Feeling (the title of a B. J. Thomas song) that, unlike the compassionate "good guy" they perceive themselves to be, "bad" and "deplorable" people (like Trump) are the ones ruining the world.

Leftist Democrats and their accomplices in the mass media are ...

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10 hours ago

Dinner and Dessert.

23 hours ago

Went to an illegal backyard dinner last night. Illegal fun (including tequila) was had by consenting adults. Please don’t report us.

No live show today as I wanted to give my guys a four day weekend with MLK Day on Monday.

Anyone got good weekend plans?

16 hours ago
Talking Thiel

“Sometimes the most educated is the most brainwashed.” — Peter Thiel

We posted our Big Tech compilation video in the content section about an hour ago. Think this moment with PT sums up so much of what’s wrong with society right now...

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