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When gender studies becomes a threatening religion

I was interviewed by a professor in gender studies about an illustration I made comparing gender theory with religion. The interview is published as part of an article in the European Journal of Woman’s studies.

”The artist told me that he drew these pictures in 2015:

In the picture, I assert that the feminism/gender studies of today (this is also true for other modern ideological movements, such as the climate change movement, etc.) is a religious substitute.…Left wing feminism and postmodernism are incorporated in practically the whole society (religion of the state). They [i.e. feminism/postmodernism] deny the rational, live according to (value-based) commandments and have inquisitorial characteristics (for example, different committees on gender mainstreaming at the university, the witch hunt after MeToo, etc.).”

The full article can be read here 📖👉

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