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We all make mistakes and go through tough times, but people who thrive during those times are the successful ones. They learn from their mistakes and find ways to turn things around quickly.

What do you do when you mess up or you’re simply out of sorts? When things just aren’t going your way?

I suggest that you become aware of your thoughts, realizing that if you’re unhappy for any reason, you’re focusing on the wrong things.

Change what you’re thinking about to something that will not only make you feel and act better in the present, but also improve your vision of the future.

Start by remembering that life is divided into three phases:
the past ― where you’ve been;
the present ― where you are now; and
the future ― where you are going.

Then do what many successful people do ― learn from the past to profit in the present and live better in the future. They do that by combining the past, present and future in a winning way.

Adopt their way of...

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