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Normally, I would not discuss my charity efforts. I am going to make an exception for the purpose of endorsing something that I normally would not.

Over the weekend, I came across a family sitting below a tree outside the Target store that houses my pharmacy. 5 kids, all young. The father was holding a sign that read, "Lost job due to COVID Shutdown and can not pay rent".

From time to time, I have come across something similar, were a traveler runs out of money, and an entire family is stuck in the middle of Iowa. But, I have never been so directly confronted with the pain caused by an out-of-control government, hurting families in the name of helping us. The most terrifying 9 words in the English language are still, "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help", all these years after Reagan warned us of them.

I drove to the bank, withdrew a sum of money that would make a difference in this family's life, and drove back.

I normally would never give money to someone who...

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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“Toy” pic time!

My Panzer Pro AR-12 shotty arrived today. So stoked.

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