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I say instead of letting the whole country get destroyed, and instead of burning the whole thing down because of a select group of whiny, a-factual children, we just give Democrats and their following their own pieces of land. They can create their utopias there, while the reasonable people, Classical Liberals, Republicans, Libertarians, have our own pieces of land that we govern without crazy leftist intervention. We can have police forces and military, and they can have community organizers, and desecalation specialists to deal with the rapists and murders among them. We can use the free market, and they can make mud pies outside and pay each other for that labor. It seems like instead of the whole country being destroyed, we just have a mass exodus of the lunatics and let them live how they see fit. And in two or three years when they’ve had enough of failing and dying at the hands of their failed ideas. Maybe we will consider letting them rejoin the union. Maybe

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April 09, 2021

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