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As a result of the latest wave of character assassinations, public property destruction, and book bannings, I have become extremely nervous about the future.

Despite my present situation, I have decided to not wait until it's too late. I'm migrating, as much as possible, back to paper books. I don't care what the cost in the long run, or how difficult it is to move them when my wife and I finally do move. Some of these books, I'd read many years ago, and gave them away when I finished them. But in these times, it really seems that was a mistake.

In any case, to start with, I'm going to rebuild my old American history library - which seems to be under a particularly virulent attack right now - and turn it into a summer project for the podcast/blog. Mainly, I focus on the history of the political ideals, and there's no better resource for that than Bernard Bailyn. But I've also decided to branch out a bit, and do some biographical research on these characters as well. Again, ...

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