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Peter Hurley’s life story is a wonderful expression of what’s possible for all of us when we tap into the greatness that is within.

His story demonstrates how …

  1. Making a decision develops your personal power.

When Peter was bartending, he felt like he was spinning his wheels. However, when he decided to start sailing again, he made it to the Olympics ― a dream he had given up on.

  1. Changing your point of view of YOU, changes your world.

Peter wasn’t sure what to do with his life after the Olympics. Then, he looked at his life differently, decided to pick up a camera, and became the premiere headshot photographer in the world.

  1. Discovering your purpose gives your life real meaning.

Once Peter discovered his purpose, he became enthused about what he does every day. Now, he coaches thousands of people, attracts associates from all over the world and creates images of his clients that they are really proud of.

How does Peter’s story relate to ...

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Some kids in the city I used to live in did this to thank the police officers in town. Great idea.🇨🇦

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September 21, 2020

The Rubin Report is hiring! We are looking for an editor with experience in live video production.

We will not be hiring based on skin color, gender or sexuality. Sorry progressives.

I’d love to hire someone from the community. We’ve hired several of you for Locals!

Email jobs @ rubinreport . com

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