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June 17, 2020

Where is the Republican Party, the Church communities, the Elks/Gun/Lions/Rotary Clubs on any of the ongoings tearing apart societal order in the US?

Conservatives are trying to get back to due process, but thru political potshots. All lives matter is becoming semantics, but the issue is black Americans feel that the law is not serving them. Conversely white conservatives feel the law is not serving them either. We're seeing the breakdown of hierarchy (i.e. DA trying a case on live TV today) and political opponents. Nothing good comes when the law serves no one --and the MSM stoking war is not the answer.

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22 hours ago

The Internet is an amazing place...

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post photo preview

Pretty pink flowers greeted me on my walk today. Focusing on being grateful today 🌷 4 pics

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