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If you are brave. If you are steady, strong, and sane, you might get your biggest flashlight and look into the darkness of my thoughts. Like bubbles up through the mud of my mind, I try to jot things down as they occur to me. It makes for a list of things I SHOULD talk to a professional about, but I'm just too darn busy being a genuinely happy man.

Gather your strongest internal organs and read the following. ( for legal reasons, I strongly urge you to turn away.)

Thoughts from 03-18-20
Eore is my spirit animal

Folly is the verb form of a fool in action

Been on more dicks than forsekins

Dun and Kruger effect

Decend into complete rat burger anarchy

Clear-headed-ness is always the first casualty in a crisis.

Life is mst3000

Emotional incontinence

You can't prove a counterfactual

You moist stink hole umbrella

As sure as pie in Michael Moore's beard.

Usually people just put a wallet in my mouth and call 911

Like a walking stack of stupid

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

My husband and son are busy making the garden steps safer for me. Hubs and I went to the herb nursery and added another four varieties of sage to our collection, as well as a few other herbal friends. September is very much still summer in socal.

Therapy cooking this morning. My friend died 5 minutes after we left last night. Bittersweet. I am making his wife a pancake breakfast and bringing it to her this morning. I will be her sounding board, her shoulder to lean on and her personal chef for a while. Thank you everyone for your kind words, love and support. Hugs to you all ❤❤❤

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