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Vicious occupation has hit my property! I am offended! Bunnies have invaded my backyard and they attacked my brand new Milkweed plants. These milkweed plants are part of my butterfly garden and monarch butterflies love them. The monarch butterfly lays the eggs underneath the leaves and then in about a week or so the egg hatches and it becomes a caterpillar and then the whole caterpillar butterfly cycle begins. So the bunnies not only ate the leaves but they also ate the monarch butterfly eggs.

This is exactly what rioters and looters did in the past couple of weeks across America. It blows 🙄🙄🙄

Here are before and after pics of the milkweed. I moved the plants to a high table so Hopefully they won't climb up there. These plants are $30 each so I am not investing anymore until I get these rabbits out of my yard.

Don't tread on me (Bunnies)

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10 hours ago
The True King of Interviewing

So sad to hear about the passing of my friend, my mentor and my bonus grandfather, Larry King.

“What does it all mean? The answer is I don’t know.”

On with Judge Jeanine in 5 minutes. Talking big tech nonsense. Gonna try to give the community a shout-out!

January 22, 2021


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