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June 18, 2020

Just got back from a Back the Blue event, which I never would have gone to before. I wanted to be present, because of the craziness going on right now. BLM protestors were there too and were pretty vulgar. To be fair a lot of the people on our side were yelling right back or shouting crazy platitudes.

I spoke with some people that are middle of the road, Republicans and Democrats. They think all of this is crazy and don't want to see thing be torn up. We can work together to make things better.

The cool thing was a 18 year old guy got up to address the crowd, who had been yelled at by the protesters. They said he was a traitor to his race (Hispanic), and that his parents were racist. That's nuts, because none of these people met before. He had balls of steel because he stared them down with a smile and said I am just here to speak my mind and support the police. Also the organizers let the protesters speak an dialogue, but it didn't work out!


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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