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As a member with a vested interest in your platform, I would like to bring your and everyone's attention this uncharacteristic Twitter moment (linked below). It is none of anyone's business, however, Valdary who I have much respect for despite her method of addressing this issue (and someone who you've even had on your show), made it our business.

What's the deal? You above anyone should be aware "Twitter is not real life". I've seen something similar happen with Sam Harris and Candace Owens who, after some drama, managed to talk over their disagreement privately and make amends. I hope you find some reconciliation here.

I will concede that it may have been pedantic of her to take the remark seriously, but I will also not concede that the tweet was in fact an unconstructive and snarky generalization and it saddens me to see how it was handled privately. In a way, if you are willing to say that in private ...

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