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You may have been thinking about it for years: starting your own business, becoming your own boss ― but it always seems too daunting. It's not.

As your own CEO, your primary responsibility ― whether you start an online business, maybe a food service, or perhaps provide some kind of good or product ― is to maximize your own value, thereby setting yourself up for lifelong success.

Here are five motivational tips that will help you move toward realizing that goal.

1. Commit to Your Development: As your own CEO, you must recognize that your education doesn’t stop with your diploma. You must commit yourself to lifelong learning for continual personal and professional growth. Spend time reading/studying a personal development book every day, and there will be no limits to what you’ll be able to achieve!

2. Practice Thinking Big: CEOs want their team to be able to solve big issues with big ideas, but it’s really difficult for most people to let their minds go free and ...

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Merry Piss-Mas 2020

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