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June 19, 2020

I was discussing with my wife today about how we will deal with the BLM shit when it comes to our work places (it is a when, not an if, especially for me, as my company is based in the valley). She's been rather anxious about how to respond. Here was what we worked out.

Don't argue. By the time it comes to this point there is no convincing these zealots. The only functional reply to these policies is "no". When challenged state simple truths - such as "this is racist against me for being white and against everyone not white for assuming them lesser then me". Remember not to engage in debate, you won't change minds it is about establishing what you find as an acceptable boundary. Then when you are inevitably called a racist we plan to simply reply with "that is wrong and inappropriate, stop being a bully".

Any suggestions?

We are also considering using this approach to most of our family and friend discussions as more often then not they are just virtue signalling. If people ...

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