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Sorry but it's time for my first on-line rant.

I have always intellectually understood the term reactionary, but I never really viscerally understood it until the last 2 weeks or so. As I watched chaos breaking out in cities across the nation and watched television coverage, wholly devoted to narrative over anything approaching news and even saw people who must know better; just flat out deny obvious truth regarding the BLM and Antifa ties to communists and anarchists around the world. I started to react. To get angry, to feel like striking back at the spoiled children, misled losers, useful idiots and running dogs.

Don't miss understand, I knew that something was wrong. I knew the culture was broken, I knew that the political class was serving themselves not the people, I knew the Corporatists were selling America to the CCP one job at a time. I knew the Universities were teaching our young people to hate America but I thought that if I kept my kid's heads of straight I...

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