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I’m a chinese man from Singapore and still live there today. But I’ve spend a lot of time travelling to the US throughout my life. I’ve always been passionate about all things American, and dream of moving over one day for good.

I would say i was mostly on the left growing up. But i’ve grown to be more conservative as a man with more responsibilities. Thanks to Dave’s book and podcast, among other things, i decided i would just express my thoughts and opinions to friends and my social media. It didn’t go too well. Most of my friends aren’t even really following US politics, but are quick to judge me on baseless assumptions.

In the last few weeks, i’ve been accused by some people including friends of being a racist, sexist, misogynist, who supports murderous cops, and a conspiracy theorist nutcase. All because I don’t share the same popular opinions.

Apparently if i say i agree with Trump on many issues, i’m automatically a hateful, mean asshole. I was told ...

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September 22, 2020

Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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