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June 20, 2020

More craziness. They really are trying to erase history.

Too bad the person is selective in looking at the history of the former King. Perhaps they should ask why the Crusades happened? How did the former cities of the Eastern Roman Empire suddenly become ruled by Arabs? Why did the emperor in Constantinople ask the Pope and European rulers at the time for help. Also, why did multiple crusades continue for so long? Most of these questions are rhetorical, but a more balanced view of history is needed. I guess St. Paul is next or La Crosse, WI or St. Augustine, FL. Isn't this a bit anti-Catholic or anti-Christian?

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I was going to post a story about another RINO endorsing Biden. But instead, enjoy this sea otter. It makes me happier.

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Beautiful Sunday afternoon. Flathead Lake Polson, MT

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Bingo 💡

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