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We are losing faith in our institutions. This is not exactly without good cause. Our government and its experts lied to us and was wrong about almost everything related to the pandemic. Our two-tier justice system has been letting leftists get away with all sorts of crimes while conservatives are crucified by it, frequently for no real reason. This has only gotten worse with the recent protests and riots. Need we even discuss the grotesque failure of our public schools and universities to educate, instead of indoctrinate? Our government is supposed to protect our most important inalienable rights, such as free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, equal justice under the law and the right to keep and bear arms. Instead it is attacking those rights or turning a blind eye to their gross violation across the board.

So what happens when the government we elect; the government we give half of our hard-earned money to; the government we expect to serve us; fails us in ...

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December 03, 2020
LA Fighting Back

Video of Kitsons (a higher end Urban Outfitters) in West Hollywood.

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