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I am continuously amazed and perplexed by the amount of energy and sophistication some people pour into hiding their own psychology from themselves.

I like some of the work this guy has done in the past. But he keeps attaching himself to people he thinks are going to be famous, and then spends years critiquing and sniping at them from the sidelines, under the guise of "investigative journalism".

Sometimes, the people he's going after deserve the exposure. Recently, it was the weirdo who was heavily promoting his David Icke interview (who also runs some sort of Amway-like self-help cult). But he's also made a career out of telling everyone what's "wrong with the IDW", and in particular, Dave Rubin.

I'm not saying Eric and Brett and Dave don't deserve criticism. Eric especially, can sometimes get a little too high on his own fart smells. But what this guy is up to, seems to me, pretty transparent. "That's not how I would do it" is not criticism. It's jealousy.


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