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June 22, 2020

Just because statues are being destroyed and taken down does not mean they cannot be replaced and put back up to their rightful place. Lose the battle. Win the war. As our former President so aptly put it: "Vote."

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Here’s something neat and spooky with Halloween coming up. A friend told me about an interesting report which is on the official CIA website which examined possible practical applications of altered states of consciousness including inducing the out-of-body experience as well as the use of bio feedback and visualization to aid healing. The report also discusses such things as the holographic nature of the universe as a sort of “simulation” and discusses this from a scientific perspective and that of eastern mythology as well as traditional Christian thought. ⁣

I was very shocked by the willingness and openness of the commander who created the report as well as the fact that it included a number of things which have become popular only recently.⁣

In university I had the opportunity to take a number of courses with one of the countries top sports Psychologists who was a big proponent of biofeedback (the use of real time heart rate monitors to help guide one into an ...

These headlines are twenty minutes apart. 🤪🤪🤪

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From Lou Perez, just kicking off on Locals

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