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June 24, 2020

Like most people, I've never been politically active. I shouted into the internet for a while when it was first cool to do so, but eventually realized that wasn't healthy. This community is the first time I've used social media is years. Now, as my city is flying blm over our capitol, rioters are destroying statues and burning buildings, and the blaming the right for them not stopping, I want to be active - I need to be. I have been searching and searching for conservative groups, Republican groups, militia, you name it, in my area (Madison, WI) to no avail. Is there really nothing? This is why we are losing. SMDH

edit - it is not helpful to say doing yourself, like I didn't already realize that. The country will be communist before a new political group in a liberal town gains traction.

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Dinner and Dessert.

January 15, 2021

Went to an illegal backyard dinner last night. Illegal fun (including tequila) was had by consenting adults. Please don’t report us.

No live show today as I wanted to give my guys a four day weekend with MLK Day on Monday.

Anyone got good weekend plans?

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