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I am really getting tired of the rampant, blatant, and ugly racism in our society that is masquerading as anti-racism.

Should we question if Denzel Washington was being racist in accepting the role of Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing? Of course not! He did a great job, as usual.

In that same film, we have Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson playing Italians, which looks just as out place as Washington. Of course, all white people are the same and came from one, big culture that has not differences by country or region. The same people who think that there is something wrong with a white actress voicing a bi-racial character would see nothing wrong with a Greek man playing Henry VIII. Idiots.

We are either equal and should all have the same opportunities based on our abilities, or we should see racial boundaries and the White Supremacists have just as valid a perspective as Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate are acting on. Mothers milk in a cup, this is going to end badly.

I really want to get off this ride and get back to the apparently much more "racist" America of a few years ago, when the vast majority of people could not care less about what race someone was. I really wish some great civil rights leader would suggest that we judge each other by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. Surely that would straighten all of this stupidity out, right?

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20 hours ago
Facebook has upheld Donald Trump’s suspension but will revisit the decision in six months. (Ridiculous for many reasons including that more coordination for January 6th happened on Facebook than anywhere else...including Parler.)

Curious if you guys are even on Facebook anymore. I see lots of messages from people who have deleted it or just don’t use it. Are there any features that you miss which we should incorporate here on Locals?
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A big welcome to all the new folks who joined the community today! (And yes I’ll be signing those cards and mailing them out to you ASAP!)

While we do plenty of politics and culture around here it’s also a lot of pet and food pics. And since we have so many new members today it seems like a good time to start a pet pic thread. Here’s everyone introduce your furry friends!
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13 hours ago
Friend in Texas just sent this to me. Sign of the times...
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