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I am really getting tired of the rampant, blatant, and ugly racism in our society that is masquerading as anti-racism.

Should we question if Denzel Washington was being racist in accepting the role of Don Pedro in Much Ado About Nothing? Of course not! He did a great job, as usual.

In that same film, we have Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson playing Italians, which looks just as out place as Washington. Of course, all white people are the same and came from one, big culture that has not differences by country or region. The same people who think that there is something wrong with a white actress voicing a bi-racial character would see nothing wrong with a Greek man playing Henry VIII. Idiots.

We are either equal and should all have the same opportunities based on our abilities, or we should see racial boundaries and the White Supremacists have just as valid a perspective as Kristen Bell and Jenny Slate are acting on. Mothers milk in a cup, this is going to end badly.

I ...

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The Rubin report should have Gavin Mcinnes on. The left needed a real enemy, now they are making the proud boys just that. If their ideas are so racist and fascist, and bad ideas die out, then the new modern conservative shows needs to stand up to the mob and have them on their the Rubin Report. But I think they all are shying away because they don't want to be accociated with 'racists'. I mean this gets to heart of censorship and being canceled. Google proud boys and Wikipedia states they are neo nazi group. Newsflash- they have other races as members, so how can they be white supremists. Isn't that the first rule of being a white supremisist?

43 minutes ago

The Star Wars peeps will get it...

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