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Interesting one today.

Bear in mind, this happened in the U.K, a place where Donald Trump is not President; can never be President, and no one votes for him.

I went back to Liverpool, to visit an old lady of 89 years. An old, great friend of the family.

In conversation, the current unrest in the U S came up. I mentioned about the situation in Seattle and the defacing of statues. It went like this:-

Me: "Yes its a bad situation, the President has offered them help, but the local politicians are allowing it to go on"

Friend: "Well that Trump is to blame for it all. He caused it"

Me: "What did he do? How did he cause anything?"

Friend: "He had that man killed"

Me: " What man?"

Friend: "You know, the black fella, in Minni something. Trump told the police to kill him. Then it started all the riots. He's a racist znd he hates blacks"

Me: " How do you know that? What makes you think that?"

Friend: " It was on the news. They said he instigated it all"

Me: " Which news were you ...

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18 hours ago

Turkey stuffing cranberry sauce salad on challah. (Chopped and mixed with gherkins and mayo.)

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November 26, 2020

Though @davidjanet is doing most of the cooking, I do open the wine. Hope you’re all having a wonderful (and delicious) day...

Woke up early today so I could bask in the delight of my tree. There is something special about all of it. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life. And somehow this tree represents that.

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