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Below is my first post on my page on locals, which, as a 20+ years as a software engineer specializing in content platform, I think is absolutely fantastic with enormous potential to take the power out of the hands of a few extremists at the social media giants.

The post is regarding the latest JRE which I found particularly great example of the proliferation of outright ignorance and senseless aggression sending us down the road to hell. I'm a big Rogan fan but his guest Joe Shilling spouts nonsense like a garden sprinkler for the opening 20 minutes that can only serve to feed further violence. I have decided that I am no longer going to remain quiet when I see such awful, blatant stupidity and I decided to make Locals my primary outlet for posting written content.

Thanks for indulging me. Live the love.

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My son got me into CSGO so we got shirts of our favorite teams to watch during matches. He actually asked to take a pic with me. I guess I am not a total dork. 😂

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September 20, 2020

Sunday reflections...

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