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The silent majority in the Black Community isn't so silent any more. When will white liberals listen to the people they are claiming they defend?
(see below video)

Frederick Douglas was ... black. (for the white liberals out there)
He said some stuff. Maybe you've never heard of it.

He dedicated a statue once. Nice thing. Kind of powerful in its meaning. Lasted a long time, until its meaning was faded/forgotten. Maybe we need a refresher.

"The sentiment that brings us here today is one of the noblest that can stir and thrill the human heart. It has crowned and made glorious the high places of all civilized nations with the grandest and most enduring works of art, designed to illustrate the characters and perpetuate the memories of great public men. It is the sentiment which from year to year ...

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Yep. People need to stop giving power to others that they are not constitutionally supposed to have.

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