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Beware of statistics, part 2,322:

The COVID case count for the U.S. possibly includes states that are counting by "test" and not by "individual can only = 1 case."

So, if one person gets tested positive, and gets tested again positive, they are getting counted as 2 "case count." NOT in all states, more like a handful.

Also, in NC and GA I've seen they aren't reporting "negative tests" -- which that increases the percent of positive tests (obviously).

It almost feels like a grant - grab, and a power grab, at the same time. Where are the testing standards for the entire U.S.?

Protests also obviously contributed to the spike, but who knows by how much being NYC (deBlasio) instructed contact tracers NOT to pay attention to "protest" as an origin, but thankfully...

GOOD NEWS: The U.S. death rate (rolling average) is still on the decline overall (flat the last week), and has been since early April.


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