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I would be all for doing away with some of the "qualified immunity" for police ONLY if it is ALSO taken from Political Animals as well.
Governors / Mayors / State Legislatures...all the way down the list & don't forget to include DC politicians in the stripping of the protections either.
As the role of the Pol gets bigger, the less protection they get via "qualified immunity"...the Cops receive the most protection because they are the ones putting their lives on the line for us...those who make the split second LIFE or DEATH decisions deserve SOME protection - Lord knows they don't get enough gratitude thrown at them - just rocks, bottles, bullets...well you get the point I'm sure.
A governor on the other hand has all day to make decisions that cost people their lives (Nursing Home Cuomo et al.) or their Livelihoods (economic collapse) & never sweat the horrible results of their insidious and, always Politically motivated actions i.e.. stripping away the Bill of Rights from their ...

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October 17, 2020
Trump Rally in Beverly Hills

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If you have high school age kids I am begging you to consider urging them to have a gap year before college. Show them all the trade schools that are available and how much money they could make before their friends even graduate with their BA in Theatre (unfortunately like me). College is great but I have TWO degrees and I am working in a job that requires neither degree and I’m making peanuts. Also, the military is a great way to become independent and see the world. They do not have to be a Navy Seal and constantly deploy down range to enjoy the benefits. And some jobs are civilian applicable. Mike Rowe has a quote:

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