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A.C., the beloved Governor of New York has been lecturing the Governor of Florida and its people about how to handle the Wuhan virus. New York is second only to New Jersey in number of deaths per 100,000. Florida is fifth from the bottom of the list.

From yesterday's Bonjino Report, a screen shot of deaths per 100,000 from Wuhan virus. On my wall at home, I'm posting this next to the stories of how the Red States are on fire (?) from the Wuhan. Data from

Also, in the response area, I'm showing the letter the A.C. sent to demand sick people be returned to nursing homes. (again from yesterday's Bongino Report)

By the way, when helping the grandson clean up the back yard, I've renamed the three lump steamers "Crat."

"Here my dear grandson, let me show you how to shovel up the Crat and put it in the dumpster. I'll Demo-Crat."

Gives used dog food a whole new "feel" doesn't it?
Kind of a B owel L ump M ovement.

P.S., Go Parler

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Fine work by The Babylon Bee...

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This is my nephew Ralph. He is two years old. When I think of all the havoc Critical Theory has wrought on our society, I picture Ryan, Austin, Tyler, Adney, Henry, Clarence, Dean, Harvey and little Ralph. All of my nephews are growing up in a two parent, Christian household. They ALL are a shade of blond hair and blue eyes. None are completely innocent; they all have a rebellious streak. BUT... in the eyes of the world now, they are a poison to society. A blemish. Born of privilege, and class. A rank above others. And they have to pay. They are why I try to fight for reason. Ralph is one of the sweetest two year olds ever. And I’m praying God will provide for him a country of opportunity.

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