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June 27, 2020

Had a great birthday dinner with @davidjanet, Bob Saget and his wife Kelly Rizzo and Patricia Heaton and her husband Dave Hunt. (Yes, half the people were Dave’s but we managed!)

Turned out some fans were at the restaurant too and joined in the Happy Birthday singing so that was nice.

My gift to myself is a weekend off Twitter and politics. What do you guys have planned?

Here’s a Star Wars meme just because...

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Dave will be LIVE in a few!

yukon jay@YukonJay
59 seconds ago

I'm happy to see a Canadian restauranteur stand up against the government and their policies. With dozens of police, health and safety officers, and other government officials showed up and cuffed him for violating lockdown orders. The mayor has said that ALL government agencies who can investigate him will do so. And all because he wanted to provide for his family by following the guidelines and rules up to the point of the miss recent lockdown.

Next time I'm in Toronto I'll definitely go to Adamson Barbecue, provided that the government hasn't seized everything.

I start the day with coffee, Clyde does his morning meditation. What do you do?

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