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Always think in terms of how much media saturation exists now versus, say, back in 2001 when Bush was elected President.

There were marches, communists, looters, rioters, lying media, "alternative" PRINT media back then too.

You just didn't have as many media "channels" to saturate your thinking back then, not even close. Now we have 8,431 alternative media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Google manipulating search (2011 - The Filter Bubble - good book), YouTube, Internet TV, and still have broadcast cable news like CNN, MSNBC, NBC, etc.

Add on the "newspapers" like NYT, WaPo, etc., which have each become rich media websites of their own (they aren't just newspapers anymore).

That is likely why it "seems" like things are much worse than they are, because you can see it anywhere you look. Back in 2001 - 2007-ish ... there wasn't near the rich media saturation into the public conscience that there is now.

That doesn't excuse what is happening now, at all. Things are chaotic,...

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23 hours ago

It was nice knowing all of you...

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December 03, 2020
LA Fighting Back

Video of Kitsons (a higher end Urban Outfitters) in West Hollywood.

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