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Women in Business

I produce virtual events for Fortune 500 companies. Invariably, these events have a “Women in (X Industry)” track.

Intentionally, I label these tracks using the color palet of the event because I make no distinction between “women” and “professionals” in industry. I’m not a sexist. Pushback from the client organizations ask me to use pinks, purples and greens to delineate the women tracks.

Now, if I were a woman I imagine that I would be deeply offended by the idea that the only way I can gain recognition for my work is as a woman, rather than as a professional on the merits of my work.

Business doesn’t care about your gender. It only cares about the quality of your work.

Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with women having their own groups within these industries. Using colors that attract women is cute.

However, I would suggest that if you want to be taken seriously in business, you should stop being cute and start being ...

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