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Happy Birthday, Dave!

Glad you got a weapon so you can protect yourself. I have several very liberal (Trump hating) friends asking me for advice on which weapon to get because of the riots and anti-police zeitgeist. I always tell them to get a wheel-gun because they are proof and very effective in well-trained hands, especially with speed loaders. The first time a cartridge case doesn't eject from your Baretta, please make sure that you keep your finger off the trigger and don't look down the barrel to see what's wrong like I saw someone to at the the range last week. It seems like the hardest thing to train is to keep your fingers off the trigger until you are ready to fire. I keep an empty gun by my work desk that I handle throughout the day to keep my muscle memory honed, and my draw and rest position is with my index finger pointing at the target just above the trigger guard. If your finger always goes to this position, you will always be safe.

Good Luck!

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