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I've been working from home for the past few months so the effects of the lockdown haven't been too bad for me; however, I'm sorry to report that our family is finally feeling some bad effects. Our 13yo daughter has always been a social butterfly and thrives when she is interacting with her friends. This, of course, has not been happening over the past few months, and it has taken its toll. She has been dealing with depression issues throughout this, and it came to a head last night when she and her BFF (also 13yo) took a bunch of pills. Fortunately, the amount of ibuprofen that they took wasn't going to do any serious damage, but this situation has a direct negative link to trying to "save every life" by locking people in their homes. My wife works as a CNA in a nursing home (where she volunteered to work in the quarantine section) so we're well aware of the possible risks this can cause to the elderly population, but there is at least an equal impact on those who are at little risk ...

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“There’s nothing to see here, please disperse...”

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Yep. People need to stop giving power to others that they are not constitutionally supposed to have.

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